Why Label Assata Shakur a Most Wanted Domestic Terrorist?

assata shakur_is_a_freedomThe United States government and its Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have known the whereabouts of Assata Shakur since 1984. Given almost diplomatic status by the Cuban government, Shakur has resided in that country for almost 30 years. So why was Shakur, recently given the distinction of being the first woman on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terror List. I theorize that there is a hidden political agenda at work.
Labeling Shakur a “domestic terrorist” when she has never been classified as such definitely brings suspicion. The move comes less than 3 weeks after an incident of domestic terrorism at the 2013 Boston Marathon.
At a United Nations General Assembly Meeting in Sept. 2011, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez expressed ‘ …willingness and interest to move toward the normalization of relations with the United States’. Cuba wants the release of five men convicted of espionage by the U.S. in 2001. The United States wants American Alan Gross released from prison. Gross is serving 15 years in prison for illegally bringing communications equipment onto the island for the purpose of spying.
I propose that Assata Shakur is merely a pawn in a US. v. Cuba chess game. Naming Shakur a “most wanted terrorist” may be intended to force Cuba to make a prisoner exchange. Cuba
receives normalized relations with the US and the return of five of its citizens. The United States secures the release of
an unjustly imprisoned citizen and the capture of a “highly sought after domestic terrorist”. Effectively the US will have caught three big fish in three weeks (Shakur plus the two Boston Marathon suspects), thus appearing tough on “terrorism”. Sounds like a bargain to me! What do you think?

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