War-Torn Somalia Rebuilding After Years of Conflict

Armed convoy trip in Mogadishu
Armed convoy trip in Mogadishu


World leaders met in London on May 7, 2013 to discuss the future of Somalia. The unstable nation has suffered from numerous conflicts since its last stable leader, Siad Barre was ousted in 1991.

British Prime Minister David Cameron
British Prime Minister David Cameron

     The London summit focused on the reconstruction of the nation with the $130 million in pledged aid from the UK and other donors.

Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, says optimistically that Somalia has entered a new era. But the country faces serious challenges. Among its challenges:

1. The majority of the country is a collection of self-ruled regions, many of them hostile to Somalia’s central government.

2.  The central government currently has no funding and relies on aid rather than tax-based revenue.

3. Enforcement of government policies will be difficult since the Somali army is made up of clan militias with questionable loyalty.

Kenyan PM Uhuru Kenyatta (left)
Britain’s reluctance to work with Kenyan PM Uhuru Kenyatta (left) complicates rebuilding process.

4. Al-Qaeda linked muslim extremists  group, Al-Shabaab, is fighting to establish an islamic state with Sharia law.

5.  Aid donors are unwilling to work with some of the key peacemakers.

Given the issues, Somalia faces a long road to stability. The rebuilding process, I feel must include and reflect the will of the majority of its citizens.

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