Should the world intervene in Mali ?

The capture of the northern two-thirds of Mali by Al-Qaeda-affiliated rebel forces has demanded the attention of the world. The western world fears an Al-Qaeda controlled Mali would be a strategic base for attacks against Europe. France, former Mali colonial ruler, has already begun air strikes against rebel forces. France has committed to military intervention within a United Nations framework. A UN resolution, last year, authorized African-led ECOWAS to deploy military forces in Mali. France hopes its presence will pressure rebels to negotiate. However rebel leaders have indicated their belief that any French involvement would have an anti-islam bias

The United States, already engaged in an Afghan war against Al-Qaeda, is considering intervention. The U.S. has supported campaigns to prevent the spread of Al Qaeda-linked militia, Al Shabab, in Somalia. It can be argued that the U.S., struggling with its economy and social issues like gun control, is in no position to take on such a challenge. The U.S. has been at the heart of every major military conflict in modern memory. Should the US ‘sit this one out’?

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