Nigerian Replaces Oprah At Richest Spot


Alakija, Nigerian oil tycoon and clothing designer, has replaced African-American media giant, Oprah, as the world’s richest black woman. Alakija’s estimated $3.3 billion net worth beats Oprah’s $2.7 billion. Alakija, a 61-year old mother  operates Famfa Oil, a highly profitable oil and drilling exploration company,with her 4 sons.

 Alakija gained success as a clothing designer in the eighties after working as  a secretary for a Nigerian investment bank. Famfa Oil’s operations began with being awarded a prospecting license by the Nigerian government. Famfa’s oil block, located 70 miles offshore in the Niger Delta region has turned out to be one of Nigeria’s most profitable. At a time when many Nigerians awarded oil blocks sold  to foreign companies,  Alakija chose not to sell.

     So  does the richest black woman do anything for her fellow Nigerians? Yes. In 2008 Alakija created the Rose of Sharon Foundation, a Christian-based charity which gives out small grants to widows.

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