Marvin Is Martin’s “15”

Jesse L. Martin as Marvin Gaye
Jesse L. Martin as Marvin Gaye in ‘Sexual Healing’

Everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame. Jesse L. Martin is no exception. Martin played on “Law & Order” for many years. Before that I remember him playing Mustafa Hawkins, a supporting role in Dick Wolf’s “New York Undercover”– All in the Family (1995). Little did I know that he is such a talented actor. He is widely known for starring in the Broadway theatrical production of Rent.
Jesse L. Martin’s “fifteen minutes” may come in the form of a starring role as legendary soul singer Marvin Gaye. Julien Temple will direct the biopic entitled “Sexual Healing”. Lenny Kravitz was originally cast as the star of the Focus Features International production. Marvin Gaye III (son), a childhood friend of Kravitz, reportedly asked Kravitz to quit the “shameful” presentation of his father.

“Sexual Healing” will reunite Martin with S. Epatha Merkinson, who plays Gaye’s mother. Dwight Henry (Beasts Of The Southern Wild) will play Gaye’s father, who silenced his son with a gunshot. Production is currentlyunderway in Luxemburg and Belgium.

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