Jim Crow Alive In Jasper, Texas

Jasper TX
Is Jim Crow Alive In Jasper?
This just in: Jim Crow found alive and well in Jasper, Texas. No he was not killed by the 1968 Voting Rights Act or Brown v Board of Education. Jim Crow, like the demon he is, has morphed, shape-shifted and hibernated only to resurface in Jasper, Texas.

In 1998, Jim Crow possessed the bodies of three white men: Shawn Berry, John King and Lawrence Brewer (24, 23 and 31, respectively). James Byrd, Jr. an African-American man, was dragged to his death after accepting a ride home with these men.

Now, in November, 2013, approximately 16 years later, Jim Crow is suspected in the death of a 28 year-old African-American husband and father, Alfred Wright. Lauren Wright, who is white, states that her husband called from a convenience store about having a truck problem. Alfred’s parents later found his truck and no signs of Alfred. Police called off a search for Wright after 4 days. His body was found 2 weeks later by the family.

An autopsy, performed by local authorities attributed his death to lethal amounts of meth, cocaine and amphetamines. Insisting that Wright would never have abused drugs, his family pushed for a second autopsy. The Houston examination found that the body was missing a tongue, ear and had a throat that appeared to have been slashed.

The family suggests conspiracy, based on the mishandling of the investigation. Lack of diligence in its investigation, omitted autopsy results, and the lack of cooperation suggest some sort of coverup. This week, the US Justice Department moved to take over the investigation.

I’m not saying…. I’m just saying.

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