(Every Day Should Be) Black Love Day

I always thought I was up on things but I completely missed this one– Black Love Day. It’s been around since 1993  and was created by  Washington DC native, Ayo Handy Kendii. Kendii sought an alternative to the over-commercialized (like every other American holiday) Valentine’s Day.

Strategically placed on Feb. 13, Black Love Day has 13 principles..(just kidding). No, I don’t think she copied Dr. Karenga? I like the fact that this holiday uses the adinkra symbol, akoma, meaning heart. Also noteworthy, is that it aspires to the higher ideals of:

1. Black self love instead of self hatred.

2. Increased peace to stop the violence.

3. Racial healing to stop White supremacy and racism.

To increase peace, work to eliminate our self hatred, violence and our work to end racism, Black Love Day first encourages us to return to love to heal all of our relationship.

The Black Love Day greeting is

Nya Akoma

(prounced, Knee-ah Ah-koma),

which means, “Take Heart, Be Patient.”

For more see:African American Holiday Association (AAHA).


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