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Did London Terrorists Slip Through The Cracks?

Nigerian-descended London Terrorists Had Pasts
Nigerian-descended London Terrorists Had Pasts

The two Nigerian-blooded Brits that brutally murdered a soldier in London’s Woolwich, had known terrorist ties. Suspects, Michael Adebolajo, 28; and Michael Adebowale, 22; were known to the country’s security services from a previous investigation of alleged Islamic extremists. both suspects are on the watchlist of the British Anti-terrorist Unit for having a history of religious fanaticism. British officials will now likely face questions about whether the horrific attack could have been prevented.
Adebolajo and Adebowale, were both converts to Islam. Adebolaja, attended Green University, between 2004 and 2005, where he was reported as being in the habit of preaching in favour of extremists. He got suspended twice in 2005 as a result of his open religious protests. In 2004, the university refused to register an Islamic group Adebolaja wanted to form. A source said he was leading several pro-Islam protests towards the end of his course. in the university. The BBC also reported yesterday that he was intercepted last year on his way to Somalia to join the Al-Shabab terrorist group.
According to Maajid Nawaz, anti-extremist and former Islamist, the attack appeared to be at least inspired, if not directed by al Qaeda.

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Africa Loses Its ‘Grandfather of African Literature’

Chinua Achebe
Chinua Achebe, ‘Grandfather of African Literature’

Best known for his 1958 novel, Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe was the voice through which Africa told its own story. On March 21st, the world lost arguably the greatest African writer. The 82 year old native Nigerian died in Boston, MA where he worked as a professor.

Things Fall Apart is the story of Igbo warrior Okonkwo’s village and the  19th century arrival of white colonizers.  It has sold more than 10million copies around the world and has been published in 50 languages.

It is interesting to note that Achebe received many awards, but never the Nobel prize for literature. Achebe celebrated with the rest of Nigeria when fellow countryman and contemporary, Wole Soyinka won it in 1986. Achebe called his greatest awards accolades from  Nelson Mandela. Mandela said  that Achebe “brought Africa to the rest of the world” and called him “the writer in whose company the prison walls came down”.

Notable work(s) 

The African Trilogy:

  • Things Fall Apart 
  • No Longer at Ease
  • Arrow of God


A Man of the People
Anthills of the Savannah.


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Idris Elba To Host Concert In Lagos

Idris Elba To Host Concert

Actor Idris Elba will host ‘Koko Concert’ in Lagos, Nigeria on December 27. Tentatively scheduled to perform are The Kokomaster himself D’Banj,  Big Sean, Pusha T, and Kay Switch.

Elba is no stranger to the DJ booth. He helped in an uncle’s wedding-DJ business in 1986.Within a year he had started his own DJ company with some of his best friends. Elba worked in nightclubs under the DJ nickname Big Driis.

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Mother Of Nigerian Finance Minister Kidnapped

Mother of Nigerian Finance Minister Kidnapped
Police are investigating the kidnapping of Prof. Kamene Okonjo  reports that the  kidnappers of Prof. Kamene Okonjo have demanded N200 Million.   Okonjo is the mother of the Coordinating Minister for the Economy and Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. The 82-year old woman is also  the wife of the Obi of Ogwashi-Uku Kingdom, Professor Chukwuka Aninshi Okonjo Agbogid.

     The abduction occured on Dec. 11  at about 1:30 pm at the husband’s palace in Ogbe-Ofu quarters. Eight gunmen stormed the palace in two Audi 80 cars. The policeman normally on duty was absent, giving the kidnappers easy access to the palace.  Workers renovating the palace were held at gunpoint, while  Prof. Kamene Okonjo was taken away.

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Nigerian Replaces Oprah At Richest Spot


Alakija, Nigerian oil tycoon and clothing designer, has replaced African-American media giant, Oprah, as the world’s richest black woman. Alakija’s estimated $3.3 billion net worth beats Oprah’s $2.7 billion. Alakija, a 61-year old mother  operates Famfa Oil, a highly profitable oil and drilling exploration company,with her 4 sons.

 Alakija gained success as a clothing designer in the eighties after working as  a secretary for a Nigerian investment bank. Famfa Oil’s operations began with being awarded a prospecting license by the Nigerian government. Famfa’s oil block, located 70 miles offshore in the Niger Delta region has turned out to be one of Nigeria’s most profitable. At a time when many Nigerians awarded oil blocks sold  to foreign companies,  Alakija chose not to sell.

     So  does the richest black woman do anything for her fellow Nigerians? Yes. In 2008 Alakija created the Rose of Sharon Foundation, a Christian-based charity which gives out small grants to widows.

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Azonto Dance Is Latest Edition Of Ghana-Nigeria Rivalry


While most dance crazes are short-lived nightclub sensations, the Azonto has spread from Ghana’s shores to European dancefloors.

It spans musical genres from dancehall to hip-hop. West Africa has seen many other dance crazes, like Nigeria’s Yahozie but this dance has inspired fitness videos and football goal celebrations.

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Nigeria, traditionally a rival in culture, music, sports and movies, has its own version of the Azonto. But Nigerians admit that this dance is the creation of the Ga people of Accra, Ghana’s fishing communities like Jamestown. One explanation for Azonto’s popularity is that it evolved from everyday life. Azonto moves come from the daily work of average people like washing, driving, or dialing a cell phone. Its fame has been fueled by native sons like rapper Sarkodie and footballer Asamoah Gyan.

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Murderd Nigerian Woman Victim Of Social Media Crime

Cynthia Osokogu
Cynthia Osokogu Victim Of Social Media Misuse

The burial of Cynthia Osokogu, 24-year old murederd daughter of a retired Nigerian general, has been delayed. Officials will not release the body as further autopsy results are gathered to build a case against her suspected killers. Miss Cynthia Osokogu is beleived to have been murdered July 22nd by suspects, Nwabufo Okwumo, 33, and Ezekiel Odera, 23.
When pictures of the suspects were publicized, several other alleged victims identified the men as thier attackers. Apparently, Okwumo and Odera, both undergraduate college students lured potential wealthy targets via Blackberry Messenger and Facebook with the intention of robbery. In the case of Miss Osokogu, suspects kidnapped, robbed, raped and brutalized her.
Governor Emmnauel Uduaghan, of the Delta State region, urged caution in the use of social media. “Anybody could be a victim of such criminals. It was a very serious abuse of trust and deception, using the social media. It is a new means of communication being used for advancement in the whole world. But it is unfortunate that some people are using it for advancing their criminal activities.”