AMURTZO Brings The Real Hip Hop From Kenya


Kenyan Conscious Hip Hop
Kenyan Conscious Hip Hop


Suleiman Mohammed and crew are a rising voice in Kenya’s hip hop consciousness. With the support of the AMURT Program (Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team) a relief organization founded in India, AMURTZO spreads empowerment for Kenyan youth.
“Why are we going wrong?” he raps at such venues as youth football tournaments. Suleiman will tell you that he was on the wrong path after putting education on hold and picking up bad habits. Now, given a second chance he raps:

“I talk to my people about HIV, I talk to my people about drug abuse. Keep it real: You’d better change the way you use. Chill out baby and stop abuse.”

Recently AMURTZO  was invited to perform at a public function during Kenyatta day, performing for over 1000 people. With the help of Washington DC musician, Gustavo Monje, Suleiman and crew learned sound engineering with the goal of building a studio and generating income for long-term sustainability.

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