Peace For Liberia

In Liberia, if not anywhere else, rap is art. It is the poetry of a generation of youth that grew up in a civil-war-torn country. It is the reflection of the frustrations of Liberians about political corruption and extreme poverty.
Like American rap music, “hip-co,” is the music of the mean streets of Monrovia. A group of well-known Liberian rappers known as “The L.I.B” makes art for the sake of art. There are no million-dollar contracts or customized sports cars. Its about love of their country and a sincere desire to save the African continent.
“Peace In Africa”, by The L.I.B.’s Frankie, is fast becoming a fvorite track of mine. Check It Out!


Source: ‘Liberia Recovers From War’ Friday, May 4, 2007

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