3 Reasons Why China Is Not Good For Africa

China Building In Africa
Is China’s Investment Good For Africa

1. China Unwittingly or  purposely destablizes  African governments 

China is willing to build infrastructure in exchange for mineral resources. The problem is that China is willing to deal with any authorities, to get what they want-no matter how corrupt the leadership is. China’s dealings with corrupt governments in Africa undermines the development of stable democratic governments. Africa does indeed need infrastructure. But without democratic leadership, the quality of life will not increase for the masses. In essence, this is a modern-day version of bribing a king with gifts. The United States and other Western powers at least require some standards of humane and ethical treatment of citizens before giving aid to African Leaders.

2. The building of infrastructure alone does not have immediate benefits for the masses. Originally colonial powers built railroads to remove mineral wealth, China is building super highways. A highway does not benefit a country if lawlessness makes them places where kidnappings and carjackings are common.

3. China, more than any other nation, has a motive for colonizing Africa. China is the most populous nation in the world (1.35 billion). Its population has doubled in the past 50 years. One must question whether immigration is also a goal. The building of infrastructure seems much less charitable or well-intentioned if China plans to export its citizens there.

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