The significance of the  adinkra symbols lies primarily in the fact that they are part of an ancient writing system of West Africa. The use of these symbols is important  because most African cultures have maintained an oral tradition.

The Akan people, creators of the adinkra symbols, populated the land which is  modern-day Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire. Once known as the gold coast, this area thrived because of its large gold deposits.

African wisdom has been passed from one generation to the next through stories and songs. Adinkra symbols are physical representations of the values and traditions of the Akan people.

The western world has borrowed heavily from west African folktales such as “Anansi the Spider”, who is represented in the adinkra symbol: ananse ntontan.

anansi adinkra symbol

ANANSE NTONTAN, means “spider’s web”.

The spider’s web symbolizes creativity, wisdom and the complexities of life.




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