Malawi Says Madonna Is No Diplomat

Madonna allegedly demanded diplomatic treatment at Malawi airport..
Madonna allegedly demanded diplomatic treatment at Malawi airport..

Malawi’s government and entertainer Madonna are feuding these days. The superstar felt slighted when Malawi’s government did not stop everything and honor her with red-carpet treatment and a 21-gun salute, reports say. Madonna recently returned from a goodwill trip to the nation.
Malawi government officials announced that the artist demanded such treatment upon arriving at the airport.

A government representative also accused her of exxagerating her charitable contributions. Madonna claims to have built schools when she only helped renovate existing classrooms, say officials. Madonna refutes the accusations and is trying to set the record straight.

Madonna has a long-standing relationship with the country, including adopting a son and daughter from Malawi. Madonna co-founded Raising Malawi, a non-profit group to help educate and provide programs to help the needy.
She has also produced an educational documentary called “I Am Because We Are”.

It is not clear exactly what treatment Madonna asked for, but government representatives made it clear, that Madonna was not a diplomat. Despite her non-profit contributions, and global reputation, diplomatic treatment is not obligatory.

Through her publicist, Liz Rosenberg, Madonna said that she was “saddened” and “…not letting politics stand in the way of her deep commitment to help build schools there and educate as many children as possible”.


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